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If svc cancelled, device balance due. Reward Card: Limited time. Redemption req'd.

Online only. See offer details below. You are too late. Can I use it for Uber eats? Uber pass? Yes you can. This product is backordered, and is expected to ship between 2 and 4 week s. If you like mainstream and default options, this saves you a bit. Membership required. You're right it sucks. I bought one from Costco and it's heavy, it's got a cheap feel to the keys and overall look and feel is outdated.

Screen graphics aren't that great either don't seem to be. Speed is pretty good though Save your money for something better, it's a boat anchor.

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What I don't like is it's weight and screen bezel. App Login or Register , Deal Alert. If you are planning on shopping mostly at Costco, then this is a great idea. It is likely you will spend enough to pay for the membership fee. Not all purchases qualify. Some things like gas, gift cards, and food court purchases do not qualify.

Most things will count towards your rewards total though. If you are considering this option, think about how much you are planning to spend at Costco each year. If you only buy your groceries here, it might not be worth paying for the executive membership. However, if you plan on buying more things at Costco including appliances, groceries, electronics and more, then the card will literally pay for itself.

A simple way to pay less for your Costco membership is to find a good deal. As simple as that sounds, the deals on actual memberships are limited. However, there are a few options to look into. However, there is a grey area that will allow some of you some wiggle room. This could be a good option if you are on the fence about buying the membership. It gives you the option to back out of the membership if it is just not working for you and your family. Coupon Codes (40% discount) - October Costco Promo Codes

Technically, you could use the membership for days and cancel before it is too late to get your money back. If you are planning on trying this method, as with all other memberships the key is remembering to actually cancel on time. You might be able to find a discounted membership fee, or a package deal that makes the purchase well worth it. Many times these sorts of deals come in rotations. You might want to sign up for the newsletters offered by Groupon or Living Social in order to get the deal when it appears.

It is too easy to forget to check back regularly for a specific deal.


Plus, there is a chance that the deal will be gone by the time you see it. This method is less straightforward than the other outlined methods, but I have seen it work in the past. It is a very informal method of attempting to get a discounted or free membership. First, get a group together. This can be family, friends, a moms group, a singles group, it can really be anything as long as everyone wants a Costco membership. Second, take your list of names to a store manager at Costco.

Ask the manager if they would be willing to give your group memberships at a discounted rate if everyone bought a membership.

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Now, they may say yes or no. This worked for my friend and a group of friends with young families. In fact, the store has honored her discounted membership rate for the past few years. However, there is no official Costco statement that acknowledges the existence of any sort of group deals like that. I would give it a try though, the worst that they could say is no. If you are wondering why a manager would agree to give out discounted memberships. Think of all the money a young family will likely spend at Costco after they have secured a membership, it is likely worth it to the managers.

Certain items at Costco can be purchased without a membership.

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The company does not have too much information available on the status of these deals at each location, so I would clarify that the deal in honored at that store by calling ahead. If you drink alcohol on a regular or even semi-regular basis, then you will want to cash in on the savings at Costco. The Kirkland brand offers the best alcohol deals, so be open to trying something other than your original favorite in order to maximize your savings.

Also, remember that many of the Kirkland brand products are manufactured by companies you already love. You might be able to use these savings without a membership. Although there is no official statement from Costco, I have known many people that are able to walk in and buy alcohol without a membership.

Just be sure to clarify with that location before you start loading up your cart. Otherwise, you could be in an awkward situation at check out. Many of the common medications are available at a better rate at Costco. It might seem unfair that only members can receive special rate medications. The FDA agrees.

Other Options

Due to laws set by the FDA and other organizations, Costco has to sell these low-cost prescriptions to people with or without a membership. You will need help from a card holding member for this tactic. If you have a family member or close friend that is willing to help, you can just go with them to buy a Costco cash card. The card can be purchased from the customer service desk. After you buy the card, you can start shopping right away.

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As far as I can tell, there is no waiting period or restrictions on what you may spend the Costco cash on. Basically, anyone with a Costco cash card can buy things at Costco with or without a membership. It is a perfect way to save money at Costco without having a membership. You get all the perks without ever buying a membership card. Make sure to buy a card with a large value so that it does not have to refilled anytime soon. The maximum amount you can buy is 1, dollars. Apparently, you can buy food from the Costco food court without a membership.

The fare includes things like hot dogs, rotisserie chicken, soft serve ice cream, soda, pizza and more. You will have to pay cash for your meal, but you will be eating inside the Costco store. I am not sure how exciting this is, but you will be able to see what is like inside a Costco store without awkwardly walking around aimlessly. Some of you will decide to check out the store before jumping into a membership, which is always a good idea.

If you want to simply order walk out with something in your hands during or after your scouting trip around the store, then this is a good option. You can just order a pretzel and call it a day. As a non-member, you can buy things at the online Costco store. The catch is that you will have to pay an extra 5 percent over the member price. The exception is prescription drugs, you will not have to pay a surcharge if you are ordering those. If you are looking to buy a few specific things from Costco, then this could be a good option for you.

Even with the surcharge, there may be some good deals. Maybe you have read these ways to get a free Costco membership and decided that none of these options work for you. That is okay. If you are absolutely sure that you do not want to purchase a membership, then consider this option. You can get Costco prices without ever shopping at Costco. That might seem like a confusing statement, how can you possibly keep the savings of Costco without any kind of membership? The answer is price matching!