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I think they were sure I would break but nope…. Will of steel. Thanks for sharing your story, though. You have not had to endure any presentations.

You chose to go on those presentations. If they were bad for you, how do you think your poor agent felt having to talk to someone like you and still have to smile and be polite to you. I understand doing one and not knowing what you were doing, but three? I was happy to inherit mine and my sister, my husband and I travel around the world. In fact, we are planning a trip to Japan next spring for the cherry blossom festival. I get what I want because I own. We went on a trip to Florida last year. Note: the salespeople will say it is a one-time offer and you have to decide right then. Who makes such a commitment in four hours?

Time shares can be great for some people. It was true that you had to book very early to get the best deals, but they planned their schedule way in advance and worked the scheme to their advantage. For them, the time shares were perfect. For us, however, they would not be. When they hear that, they generally back off. I now really see their point. Though I will keep this article up as an account of something that happened and still happens frequently , I vow to never again do this, and I recommend that others do not, either.

There are other cheap ways to travel without causing this type of stress on both sides. Lillie, Please make no apologies.

Free timeshares come with strings attached

And believe me, the rest of the company knows full well how deceitful the sales personnel are! A second reason for no apology is because the hard sell that accompanies these presentations and the outright LIES they tell is ridiculous! I know because in time, we actually did buy two timeshares. And yes, the second agent LIED as much as the first one.

I know—how stupid are we??!! The agents will fabricate definitive falsehoods to get people to buy.

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I only wish I had taped the presentation because once you sign on the dotted line, all the things the selling agent tells you verbally are gone. If you go into a presentation believing the agent is truthful, you will be fleeced! So please, Lillie, do not apologize!! Mary, thanks for your comment! They spent all their wedding gifts to buy the timeshare which promptly went bankrupt.

However two years of my life I lived outside of Florida and every time I came home I used these packages to save big and get hotels, park tickets and other things. I saved a lot of money and only wasted a few hours of each trip to save big it was totally worth it. I have worked in timeshare for ten years.

Sally did a great job, as a timeshare sales representative you are trained to reduce the objection to nothing but the money, I like her style. I doubt she was drunk, actually she is right on point. I am not crazy about marketing companies who offer mini vacs. In this manner, however he or she also did a great job, you bought the package. Timeshare is a great way to travel, thank you for talking about us we in this business always love the attention. These tips are important and useful. These alligators scare me. I would never touch an alligator like that.

Your best bet is to tell the agent right off the bat you are not buying no matter what and are only are there because you have to be to get tickets or a lower room rate. I never knew you should move an alligator by the tail. Also I would be scared since the alligator could twist and bite you. I never even contemplated using time shares as a way to get myself a cheap vacation. Thanks for the tips. Congratulations to the escapees! Thanks for the great info! A good friend has had a time share for over 20 years. There are so many hidden expenses and she has found it almost impossible to travel where she wants to because those locations are booked years in advance.

I should have read your post earlier. I have committed to a Time-share program in Malaysia.. As hairy as the timeshare experience was, it was still totally worth the 6 days of utopic vacation! I hope this article helps lots of people who are not interested in timeshares get through the sales pitch more easily, and not be so afraid to snatch up a great travel deal if you find one. Very good advice! I have been to two of these events and managed to escape without getting eaten alive by the alligators.

The first time it was many years ago in France.

They spotted me on the streets of Paris looking like an American and invited me to listen to their sales pitch about a time share in Florida. The second was in the Berkshires. I had no idea it followed you after death though. Funny that I am now going back to the same place every year anyway but it is far more exotic than Florida or Massachusetts. Wow thanks for the tips! I have been to a couple of these things to get a free jeep in Mexico and another time free accommodations. Great article! Your email address will not be published.

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More info here. Already Have Accommodations? There is no need to pay high gate prices! You pick the park! Excellent Value Package!!! Great Hotels, Great Family Value!!! These timeshare vacations are an efficient way to save money and possibly travel to places you might not usually consider.

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Here at StayPromo, we negotiate these deals directly with the resorts for our customers to get the best savings and we travel thousands of households year-round on this exact type of stay. We will keep updating this list as we get a chance for you to refer to. Below is a list of the top 7 timeshare vacation packages to book in Orlando is a large city, and includes something for everyone. Click here to shop Orlando vacation packages.

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