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These Yamaha PWC are built to have fun out on the water. Mileage 0.

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These Yamaha Jet Boats are perfect for you and your family and will make the weekends at the lake even better. We're proud to be the premier Yamaha boat dealer in Miami!

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Mileage Whether you prefer watersports or fishing trips, we have the one to fit your needs. Recall the Boston Whaler commercials where a tender is cut into thirds and remains afloat with a person in each section?

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However, the drawback to using installed foam in a cruising boat is quantity or volume of foam needed to keep a flooded displacement hull afloat. Despite costing more than some other options, this is still one of the best cheap jet skis to choose from. It has impressive acceleration and top speed, and a very responsive ride.

That, along with some of the built in technical features can more than justify the price. A great choice that is often overlooked when people search for cheap jet skis are stand up models. Stand up models are some of the most fun to ride, and are also some of the cheapest.


As of now Yamaha and Kawasaki are the only major manufacturers that make stand up models. The Yamaha Superjet is a favorite among freestyle jet ski riders. The Superjet uses a 2 stroke engine, which may be problematic for some people depending on where they live.

Certain states have strict emissions regulations, so be sure to check local laws beforehand. The Kawasaki SXR is a performance based jet ski, much like the rest of their line up. Generally the Kawasaki SXR performs best in racing scenarios, but it can definitely handle freestyle riding.

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It has an agile and responsive ride that many owners quickly grow to love. Most people are surprised to find out just how many cheap jet skis there really are. Not only are there inexpensive used jet skis, but a lot of new models are affordable as well. Despite popular belief, there are a few great options out there.

Yamaha WaveRunners

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